The Flat-pack Giant IKEA Has a Museum in Its Hometown

Ikea's signature blue and yellow logo
IKEA lovers from all over the world have made the IKEA Museum in Älmhult their go-to tourist destination in their travels across Sweden. Tourists and people on vacation take their time to see the museum that harbours all of IKEA’s history in one place. The museum opened its doors on June 30th, 2016.

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Why Women Love Dressing Tables so Much?

a dressing table
Have you ever felt that you do not use all your furniture?
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Flat Pack Shelters: The Latest Innovation in Houses for Refugees

flat pack shelters in a refugee camp

Millions of people are living in disaster relief areas, refugee camps or under poor conditions. Such temporary homes have been used for years but they have not seen much change or improvement over the years. Mostly tents or other non-durable shelters are used. But for a few years now a couple of organisations have been working on an innovative shelter design that will give people a much safer temporary home.

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Tips on How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

The entire process of buying your own home in London is long and strenuous but it is worth it. London estates have never been cheap but if you have found a way and have successfully purchased your very own first home, you are a real champion. And the hardest part is over! Now all that is left is furnishing your home.

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Fight Clutter with Scandinavian Interior Design


What is Scandinavian design?

It is gaining more and more popularity in recent years as people are looking for ways to improve their homes. They often come across this so-called Scandinavian interior design trend which immediately captures their attention.

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5 Ways Your Relationship Can Survive a Trip to Ikea

Ikea Dish Broken In Two

IKEA has always tried hard to make the customer experience at their stores pleasurable. To some extend their efforts might be backfiring as many people say they dislike or even hate going to IKEA. In fact it’s said a great deal of relationships end this furniture store chain. Whatever the reasons may be, you and your partner need to prepare if you want to get out of this adventure with your feelings intact.

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6 of the Hardest to Assemble Pieces of Ikea Furniture

hard ikea furniture manualIKEA is best known for their cheap flat pack furniture, huge shops where one can easily get lost and Swedish meatballs. However, the Swedish furniture manufacturing company furniture also has a dark side: it’s really hard to assemble. Whatever the reasons might be, lack of handyman skills, unclear instructions or something else, the fact remains: regular people find IKEA furniture hard to assemble.

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12 DO’s & DON’Ts of the DIY Ikea Assembly Survival

dos and donts

What are the basic DO’s and DONT’s you should consider before a DIY Ikea assemblage?

Ready to assemble (RTA)

Ready to assemble (RTA) furnishing is slowly taking over the world and there’s a reason for that. This ‘how to’ article is geared toward giving you all the most important do’s and don’ts for your first time DIY IKEA assembly. It will take only a few minutes for you to read but when done, you will have solid grounds on what flat pack furniture is and how should we assemble such.

I actually enjoy it.
I build IKEA stress-free and with a smile,
which flat packs are certainly not famous for.

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5 Tricks to Save Money at IKEA

Pic of British Pounds

If you see yourself shopping at IKEA it means you are already saving money. It’s a well-known fact that the Swedish home furnishing retailer is one idea, to say the least, more affordable than the likes of B&Q, Homebase or John Lewis for example. Read more »

National Bed Month and the Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

Photo of a bed

Are you struggling to pay off your sleep debt? Interested in a friendly repayment scheme? We present you National Bed Month. Read more »