What are the ​Pros and Cons of Flat Pack Furniture

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The popularity of buying self assembling furniture has grown massively since its invention over 50 years ago. These days a large majority of people’s homes and offices have been furnished with some of these purchases. If you haven’t yet succumbed to the innovative style of the flat pack then consider some of these pros and cons before you take the plunge.

Flat Pack Living Room

What is flat pack furniture?

This type of furniture is manufactured in flat parts. They are the ones that you get in carton flat-packed boxes with all of their parts and instructions on how to assemble them on your own. Tools, screws, and nuts should be your best friends when dealing with flat packs.


  1. The most common reason people buy this type of furniture is down to its affordability. Modern homes no longer rely on furniture being an investment as it did during our parents’ home-making days. More and more frequently, we’re opting for the cheapness of an item to make our homes more attractive.
  2. Self-assembling furniture is easy to dismantle and therefore makes transportation less complicated and less expensive. Also, it will be cheaper for you if you hire IKEA delivery by a furniture courier. Many of us will move properties a few times in our lives so having furniture that is adaptable means we can move it around and reduces our costs by hiring large removal lorries.
  3. Its versatility means that they’re able to fit into smaller spaces as they are built to be compact and have sliding features which reduces space. It also means that there’ll be less chance to wrestle on awkward staircases or narrow doorway as it can be built inside the room you want it in.
  4. Most designs come in a variety of colours which massively appeals to the customer as it makes it look bright and modern compared to older styles of furniture.
  5. Modern designers are creating such furniture with more solid wood that is both eco-friendly and sustainable. Besides, it is really easy to combine two or more unints when you decide to try some diy furniture hacks.


  1. The obvious disadvantage, people would argue, is the difficulty in putting the furniture together. Problematic instructions and left over screws are the most common complaints customers seem to have not to mention endless hours (and arguments!) spent trying to assemble furniture.
  2. Once you have finally managed to screw all the bits together, you may find that drawers don’t shut properly or cupboard doors are wonky. If this happens, there’s nothing else for it but to start all over again.
  3. This style of furniture can be easily damaged due to its low durability. Mostly made from man-made MDF, it’s possible it won’t last as long as sturdier furniture, especially if it’s been dismantled and put together a number of times.
  4. Critics will argue that all flat pack furniture looks the same as the design has been simplified and therefore limits style and originality despite its modern feel.
  5. You might end up paying extra cash for someone else to come and assemble your flat pack furniture for you! This will add extra cost onto your final bill that you might not have foreseen when you first made your purchase!


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