Flat Pack Kitchens – DIY Installation & How-to Tips

Flat-pack kitchens are a type of flat pack furniture manufactured in modular pieces shipped to the customer pre-assembled in optimal packing.

How do you buy, assemble, and makeover a kitchen? How can you integrate and arrange a flat-pack kitchen in a way that allows you flexibility and style? 

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How to Optimally Furnish a Rental Property with Flat Packs

It is no secret that furnished flats and houses fetch higher rental prices than their unfurnished counterparts. 

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The Best Selling IKEA Flat Packs for Spring

Forget the hassle of spring cleaning and completely transform your home this spring with IKEA’s new range of flat pack favourites. IKEA is the leading manufacturers of self-assemble furniture and is all about providing you with the simplest furnishing solutions so you can update your home the easy way. With hundreds of fresh new flat pack furnishings hitting the IKEA shelves this spring, beat the trends and get your hands on the hottest pieces first. 

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27 Fun and Interesting Facts about IKEA You Didn’t Know

IKEA Store

The Swedish multinational group has become the trademark for the ready-to-assemble industry and an irreplaceable leader in the business worldwide. There aren’t many brands and especially flat pack furniture companies in the world, that managed to revolutionize a niche the way IKEA furniture assembly has. The company is famous not only with its history, the grand scale of production and distribution, innovative marketing, but also with its commitment to satisfy its customers’ needs аnd allure them back into its enormous stores. That’s why we have gathered some of the most peculiar facts you could find out there:

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Flat-Pack Furniture

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat-Pack Furniture

The popularity of buying self-assembling furniture has grown massively since its invention over 50 years ago. These days a large majority of people’s homes and offices have been furnished with some of these purchases. If you haven’t yet succumbed to the innovative style of the flat pack then consider some of these advantages and disadvantages before you take the plunge.

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Flat Pack Furniture – Explained!

flat pack table and chair

What is Flat Pack Furniture?

Flat packs, also known as ready-to-assemble furniture, known-down furniture, or self-assembly furniture are incredibly popular and prefered furniture because of their affordability.

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Choose the Right Furniture Proportion for Your Home

round dining table under a hanging chandelier
It is an easy thing to fall in love with a certain sofa wardrobe, or RTA kitchen model, spend your money right away and take the item home. But do you ever stop and think if it will fit through the door? Do you ever consider the sizes of said furniture? This is a problem many people ignore until it is too late and they are in front of their house with a sofa too big to get through the door.

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How to Efficiently Sell Used Furniture Online

Used antique sofa in perfect condition for sale
In this day and age, most of the things we do are done online. We talk to our friends online, we read the news, watch funny videos, read books, and most of all we buy and sell online. In the past, we used to throw things away when we no longer needed them or trade them for something else.

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Tips for Choosing The Right Furniture for Your Home

different pieces of furniture to choose from
It is well-known that buying furniture is quite the struggle. Everyone has gone through this task, with all the confusion and hesitation that come with it. Even the professionals at Flat Pack Mates have had their moments of frustration. Hopefully, this guide will make this process easier for you.

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IKEA UK Helps the Environment with a Series of Solar-Powered Products

Garden solar lamps from IKEA

Back in 2011, IKEA released a new series of solar-powered lamps and outdoor lights. The solar lights are divided into three categories: garden outdoor lighting, desk lamps, and floor lamps. They can be used on patios, gardens, and inside the house.

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