Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most frequently asked questions about a flat pack assembly service?

Hopefully, this FAQ page will answer a few of your questions. However, if there is any additional information you’d like to learn about flat pack assembly and delivery, then simply give us a call. Our friendly consultants will be more than happy to provide you with further details.

General Questions

Q: Where exactly is this service available?

A: In London, within the M25 zone. Flat Pack Mates will gladly help you with your flat pack assembly job in Croydon, Bromley, Barnet and other areas within the zone.

Q: How can I book a service and what information is necessary?

A: You can book a service via our website or you can call us. You will be asked about the type of furnishing and if you book our collection and delivery service you will also need to provide a list with the items you want to be purchased.

Q: What days do you work and what are your work hours?

A: Our customer care service is available 24/7 and you can contact us at any time. We are available for service any day of the week and even on bank holidays. We have convenient working hours and will come at a time suitable to you.

Q: Do you assemble pieces of furniture other than IKEA’s?

A: Of course we do! From Argos, Habitat, Next, Harveys, Peter Jones, Homebase, Dwell, Sleepmasters and many more! Keep in mind that we are able to help you with furniture delivery in London, too. From and to any address within M25.

Q: What are the payment methods I can use?

A: You can pay us with by debit card or via bank transfer. You will only pay us after the assembling service has been completed. Note that if you book a collection and delivery we will need a deposit from you so that we can buy the pieces of furniture.

Q: How are the services priced?

A: Our services have different pricing methods. Our assembly service is hourly-based and the price will depend on the number and size of your furniture and, of course, any additional services that you request will be charged. You can get a free estimate from our friendly operators.

Q: When do I pay?

A: For any of our services – delivery or assembly, payment is requested after completion of the service.

Q: Do I need to pay for parking?

A: Yes. You would need to arrange a parking space close to your home and pay the fee if it is a paid parking space.

About the Services

Q: Do you bring any equipment or tools with you?

A: Our team will bring basic tools and equipment that are necessary. You will still be asked about the types of furniture so that we know if any special equipment is needed.

Q: Do you take care of the packaging?

A: Our company does not hold any responsibility for any leftover packing materials left as a result of the flat pack assembly process.

Q: What if there are broken or missing pieces?

A: If only a few bolts are missing, then we will try to replace them with spares. However, if a crucial element of your furniture is nowhere to be found – or damaged – then we will issue a report so you can take the problem to the furniture retailer.

Q: What if there isn’t enough space for assembly in my property?

A: All furniture assembly technicians may assist in the moving of already residing home furnishings within the client’s property in order to clear some space so they can get on with their work. Neither our company nor employees are responsible for any damages and loss caused during this process.

Q: What if I cancel my furniture service booking?

A: In case you cancel your service 48 hours (or less) before the appointment, we reserve the right to charge you a one-hour call out.

Q: Can you fit shelves or blinds for me?

A: Sure thing! Just inform us in advance and we will handle the task.

Q: Can you fix my wardrobe or cupboards to the wall?

A: Yes! Just make sure you warn us in advance so we’ll bring the right equipment. Sometimes a wardrobe cannot be assembled lying down because the ceiling is too low and there is not enough space for it to be raised when the job is done. Because of this, we may have to assemble it standing up and two technicians will be required. When you request your quotation, please state ceiling clearance.

Q: How can I be sure that when I send you the money you will not disappear with them?

We always send Invoices to our clients when payment is received, so you will have all our details.