Flat Pack Mates' Clients Reviews

The feedback of our customers is extremely important to us. We encourage you to send us your opinion about the flat pack delivery and assembly services we provide in London.

Here is what some of our previous clients have to share about Flat Pack Mates:

  • ‘You are a gift to all single moms! Flat Pack Mates made my life so much easier. Assembling furniture used to be a huge challenge for me, but now I can rely on their team for help.’

    Freya Barber
  • ‘It’s so easy to work with Flat Pack Mates. I just sent them my shopping list and on the next day my purchases were delivered and assembled in no time. Great job, guys!’

    Katie Pritchard
  • ‘I love everything about your flat pack assembly service – the price, the quality and the speed. You have gathered a great team of professionals. It was a pleasure to work with your company!’

    Brooke Edwards
  • ‘A service that definitely matches its price and quality! I appreciate your hard work and the speed with which you managed to assemble my new bedroom set.’

    Imogen Steele
  • ‘I am expecting my first baby and I wanted to create the ideal nursery. Flat Pack Mates helped me a lot with this task. Their assemblers built perfectly everything – from the crib to the wardrobes.’

    Tilly Blake
  • ‘When you’re not physically well, services like these make life so much easier. I would like to thank you for the personal attention and care before, during and after the service. Few companies do that any more.’

    James Robson
  • ‘Your service is extremely helpful for people with physical disabilities. Redecorating my home has never been easier. Thank you, Flat Pack Mates!’

    Millie Shaw
  • ‘I’m beyond satisfied. Certainly the easiest house remodeling I have ever done. The company took my shopping list, delivered all the boxes, assembled them in a snap and all I had to do was watch and then pay the bill.’

    Ellis Atkins
  • ‘I’m amazed at how fast it all happened. It took such little time from initially calling to seeing the guest room completely refurbished. Count me as a return customer.’

    Demi Kent
  • ‘As a person who doesn’t like shopping, I really appreciate your great service. I was glad to have someone else do the purchase, delivery and assembly for me. Thanks for the great work!’

    Zachary Perry
  • ‘Recently, I moved to a new house and needed a helping hand with the flat pack furniture I own. Your assemblers managed to dismantle and then reassemble all of the furnishing in the new place. Thanks for the help!’

    Sean Albert
  • ‘I didn’t think I would need this type of service, but when I couldn’t get ahead with assembling my living room furniture, your chaps proved me wrong. It took them less than an hour to do what I have been trying to accomplish for at least two.’

    Faith Rhodes
  • ‘What a relief to have found this company! Really good work. The workers are dedicated and know what they are doing. There wasn’t a bolt out of place, something I have never managed to do before.’

    Samuel Bell
  • ‘I just opened my firm and had to purchase furniture for the new office. I thought this will be extremely difficult job for a man who hates shopping, but Flat Pack Mates made it quite easy for me. I sent them my shopping list and then just waited for them to deliver and assemble the furniture for me. Simply amazing!’

    Leon Hall
  • ‘I don’t have a car so your furniture delivery service was a blessing for me. Thank you for transporting and assembling all of my IKEA purchases! I will call you again next time.’

    Elise Powell
  • ‘Certainly worth their money. I haven’t received better customer service in my life. It was if I was doing all the work, but the hands weren’t mine. Terrific all around.’

    Dylan Barton