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Delivery and Assembly Service of IKEA Furniture and Home Items

Flat Pack Mates is a professional London furniture assembly company which works with a wide variety of furniture chain stores, including IKEA. The company technicians have many years of industry experience with delivery of IKEA flat pack furniture and can safely pick up and bring flat pack items to your London address in a stress-free manner. Besides delivery of IKEA items, we also do assembly. It is a service which is often requested by our clients who either lack enough time or the proper tools to do it themselves.

Flat Pack Mates Does Delivery Services of IKEA Furniture

Ikea Delivery Technician Assembling Flat Pack FurnitureWe started out with home delivery services of IKEA items and later added assembly as well. No matter which service our London clients book, they always get the same level of professional treatment. So, which one do you require?

Delivery Service of IKEA furniture – It’s so easy. All you need to do is go to the official IKEA website and create a shopping list. Just a friendly reminder: always check if the items you want are in stock. Include the unique product numbers in your list. When you’re done send over the list to us. After that, the Flat Pack Mates technicians will go to the nearest IKEA shop in your London area and buy all the items. Once inside our trusty vans, your flat pack furniture will be carefully secured with straps and safety blankets.

We usually collect items from IKEA in London and do delivery jobs in mornings, so you can always expect to have your flat pack furniture delivered by noon. But wait, all your furniture is in boxes, are you the one who’s going to put it together? If your answer is negative, then you might be interested in our…

Furniture Delivery + Assembly Service of IKEA Items

This service usually goes hand in hand with our delivery from IKEA store, but can also be booked separately. No special tools or materials are required on your behalf when you hire our service for furniture assembly of IKEA items. The Flat Pack Mates always bring their own tools when performing furniture courier and assembly service.

All we require is that you provide us with free space to put together your dresser, shelves, beds or whatever it is that you have bought. We can even put together the almighty PAX wardrobe, known to be one of the most difficult IKEA items for assembly.

It is recommended that you keep your assembly instructions as this would help the technicians to do the assembly job faster. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Contact Flat Pack Mates and Book Delivery from IKEA to Your Home

Flat Pack Mates has all the tools, experience, vehicles and manpower get the flat pack delivered from the IKEA store and assembled. All you need to do is contact our London call centre on 020 3404 4600 and provide us with the needed details such as your shopping list and your address.

Besides our contact number you can also use our online chat feature and booking form. Call us now and get your free quote!

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  • 'I am expecting my first baby and I wanted to create the ideal nursery. Flat Pack Mates helped me a lot with this task. Their assemblers built perfectly everything – from the crib to the wardrobes.'

    Tilly Blake

  • 'A service that definitely matches its price and quality! I appreciate your hard work and the speed with which you managed to assemble my new bedroom set.'

    Imogen Steele

  • 'Your service is extremely helpful for people with physical disabilities. Redecorating my home has never been easier. Thank you, Flat Pack Mates!'

    Millie Shaw

  • 'When you're not physically well, services like these make life so much easier. I would like to thank you for the personal attention and care before, during and after the service. Few companies do that any more.'

    James Robson

  • 'It's so easy to work with Flat Pack Mates. I just sent them my shopping list and on the next day my purchases were delivered and assembled in no time. Great job, guys!'

    Katie Pritchard