Why Women Love Dressing Tables so Much?

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a dressing table
Have you ever felt that you do not use all your furniture?
Do you find rooms full of units that rarely gets used?

If the answer is yes then you should look into getting multi-use furniture. This type of furniture will not only save you space but money as well. One example of this type of furniture is dressing tables.

Why Buy a Single Piece of Furniture?

The question you may ask is why to buy one piece of furniture when you will actually need more?

The answer is rather simple. Multi-use furniture can save you money in terms of units being designed to replace more than one item in your home. Not only will you save money, but you will also have more space available, as there will be less clutter to deal with. Of course, you need to make sure that your new piece of furniture, regardless if an assembled flat pack or whole, it will cover all the uses of the items you are trying to replace.

Why Women Really Love Dressing Tables so Much?

A dressing table is something that is probably seen as purely a female thing. That being said, a dressing table in your bedroom can be the perfect spot for a woman to keep necessary valuables, such as creams, aftershave, perfume and hair care products.

If you do want to go down the route of sharing a dressing table then there are some perfectly unisex models for you to choose from, not to mention the wide range storage solutions they come with. If you chose a double pedestal dressing table then you would each have your own place to store. Of course, a dressing table isn’t just for sitting at and applying hair styling products or face creams, but you can use one as to display various jewellery, photos or other valuable possessions.

Now you may Wonder, What Exactly You will Use a Dressing Table for?

There is actually a wide range of uses for antique furnishing. Most people believe that these units are used mainly by women for make-up and other daily routines. Truth is, this is far from the single use.

“Storage is something most people disregard when looking at a property, not to mention a dressing table” – Mark Whitman from Accelerate Homes says.

Many of these items come with drawers so you could put storage to some use if you want to. Unfortunately, drawers are often not as large as one would want them to be. definitely not enough to house clothing.

A desk in your bedroom is something that a dressing table can replace. The surface of the unit will often be large enough to comfortably fit a laptop, stack of magazines or simply photos of your dearest of moments.

All Dressing Tables Come with One Item by Standard & That’s the Mirror

Having a mirror in your bedroom means that you can ease routines when it comes to bathroom time. Many couples have problems with this as one person takes longer than another. The mirror in the bedroom means that you can continue your morning routine without using the bathroom. You will also easy your expenses thanks to the fact that you won’t need a full-sized mirror in order to check your outfit and looks.

Multi-use Furniture is a Great Way to Save Money, Time & Space

Dressing tables are one kind of multi-use furniture that you can look into. These items can replace a range of items from full-length mirrors to desks. Women find that multi-use furniture is very good as it can also solve problems with both space and storage.

Of course, Dressing Tables are not the only Kind of Multi-use Furniture out there

You simply need to see if the item you want to buy covers all the basics of what it will replace.

Visual Appeal Matters the Most!

A dressing table, other than being a utilitarian piece of bedroom furniture, can usher the overall visual appeal of your bedroom. Dressing tables embellished with a flower vase, photo frame, or simply a table lamp, can transform it into a decorative item, which fortifies the aesthetic look of your bedroom. It will showcase your personality in the best manner. Textured mica and colourful dressing tables balance the whole furniture in the bedroom.