5 Ways Your Relationship Can Survive a Trip to Ikea

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Ikea Dish Broken In Two

IKEA has always tried hard to make the customer experience at their stores pleasurable. To some extend their efforts might be backfiring as many people say they dislike or even hate going to IKEA. In fact it’s said a great deal of relationships end this furniture store chain. Whatever the reasons may be, you and your partner need to prepare if you want to get out of this adventure with your feelings intact.

#1 Check if Items Are Available Before Going to IKEA

You go to the IKEA website and start searching for that new HEMNES dresser for your bedroom. You find the perfect unit and decide on the colour you want. They next day you and your partner go to the nearest IKEA and it turns out the dresser of your dreams is out of stock. According this this article on what IKEA employees have learned about relationships, items out of stock is among the things which can absolutely ruin somebody’s day.

So, you and your significant other start looking at other models. Then you go to another section of the shop. Now you see a candle holder which would look great on your dining table. Then your partner finds something else which you absolutely must have. Before you know it, you start disagreeing with each other. Then it turns into an argument and if you’re unlucky- a scandal. So, to avoid always check online, or better yet call IKEA and ask whether they have the desired item in stock. You can also try buying the furniture item online from IKEA. After that…

#2 Make a List of Items and Stick To It

All the items at IKEA look beautiful. The more you look, the more you get sucked into the perfection of their flat pack furniture, hence the longer your stay at the shop. In the end you come out with a dozen of items you have no real need for. The problem here is not buying a bunch of stuff. If that was the problem, people would have no problem surviving a tip to Ikea.

The problem is the more you time spend discussing which curtains you should buy and why you need them, the bigger the possibility or an argument. Do you even remember why you came to IKEA in the first place? Now it’s all about how you never understand your partner and how your tastes have always been drastically different. To avoid this and protect your relationship, just make a list and stick to it. This is where the next tip comes into place…

#3 Do Not Follow the Arrows

You might think these arrows are put there to help you not get lost? Well, to some extend they might be, but the main purpose they service is to help you go through all the showrooms. This in turn will help you realise how bad you need the new PAX wardrobe or the BÖRJE chairs. Basically every showroom at IKEA is perfect, unlike most of our homes.

This is where things get sensitive and where most couples start to argue. According to clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula themed areas trigger related arguments. They are the places where you realise your interests differ significantly. That table might be a good expression of your personality, but your partner might find it just plain ugly. So, which one would you buy in the end? You can’t buy two, you’ve got only one living room. It never ends, speaking of which…

#4 Never Go on Weekends

This might be a no brainer, but it can’t be stressed enough. Never go to Ikea during the weekend if you want to leave with your sanity intact let alone relationship. With so many people on their day off searching for new furniture, you are bound to have a tiring day. You can bet your socks, scandals will arise as soon as you enter the building.

The best time to shop at IKEA is during the weekend late in the evening. Don’t worry, most Ikea shops work till pretty late, so you can easily visit them after work. This is also good for your relationship as there will be much less hassle. In this scenario it shouldn’t be too hard for your relationship to survive. Another way to get the furnishing items you want is to just hire professional IKEA furniture delivery services. This saves you both time and headaches.

#5 Eat Before You Go to IKEA

Ikea’s Swedish meatballs and other snacks might taste good, but they’re yet another way to make you stay more. Fun fact, IKEA also has veggie balls to the menu. Now, if you’re shopping during the weekend, you can use a bite of fresh food. On the other hand, if you’re trying to keep your relationship from sustaining damage in the form of emotional turmoil you need to buy only what you need and leave as fast as possible.

On the other hand, if you really want to break up with your significant other, but lack the courage to say it to their face, send them a message on Facebook. Just kidding, go to the nearest IKEA shop. The circumstances will make it perfect for a huge argument and before you know it you’ll free as a bird. There’s even parody break up videos on this topic. Mind you, if this experience makes your relationship stronger, Flat Pack Mates takes no responsibility.

Bonus Tip: Do Not Take Your Kids

The simple most important rule for love families going to IKEA. Kids are curious little creatures. Take them to IKEA and you won’t be back home until late at night. It’s either that or hearing “I wanna go home now!” the entire time. Be cautious when taking your kids along. They might be excited to dive into the exciting world of Ikea furniture, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t get bored eventually. Kids are kids, after all.