Five Reasons You Should Get Flat Pack Furniture

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Thinking girlFlat pack assembly, how does it work? There has been a huge rise in the popularity of furniture assembly in London, in recent years. But why is that? The promise of relatively cheap and stylish set of easy to assemble furniture must play a role. Here are five reasons why you should totally buy a set of flat pack furniture.

#1. It’s Affordable

The value to “what you get” ratio is strong in this one. Much like Hannibal Lecter, it’s truly brilliantly insane. Hence, it’s hard to see how you can possibly make a mistake with your purchase. You not only get something extremely stylish for just a fraction of what you would normally pay if you were to have your furniture designed and custom-built, but it also FITS! It fits perfectly! It’s amaze-balls.

#2. Good Looks And Functionality

Interestingly, a set of flat pack furniture that actually looks bad is as rare to see, as a sober Lindsay Lohan. While custom designs are usually made to appeal to a certain individual taste, a flat pack is like Scarlett Johansson’s lips, you generally just like them by default. It’s not rocket science though. It’s mass production, therefore IKEA, for example, can afford to pay good designers to create nice sets that the majority of people will appreciate, like with DIY montage of flat pack kitchens. The reasoning behind why full sets are better than individual pieces is quite obvious. You may have trouble when matching individual pieces of furniture, while full sets are pre-made to match perfectly. Another issue you may stumble across with individual pieces is space. Manufacturers like IKEA always make sure to provide you with sets that utilise space management to perfection. The biggest upside by far is the ease of the furniture assembly in London. The furniture assembly service in London is extremely available, so you should not have an issue with that.

#3. Quick Purchase

If you have already gone through the troubles of purchasing furniture, you know how time-consuming it is. One of the best things about flat pack furniture is that you can literally purchase it in an instant. You don’t really have to do a lot of research since you can just look it up on the internet. All you need to do is figure out if the space you have available is enough to fit your new set of furniture and choose a styling that you find appealing. The next step is to either do your order online, hire professionals with a van for IKEA furniture delivery, or take a ride to the shop and do it there.

#4. Easy Assembly

You will rarely get any issues whatsoever with the assembly process. Everything is made with pinpoint precision. And things get only better from here on. New trends in furniture assembly are on the way slowly but surely. Magnet assisted assembly was introduced recently, so it’s definitely a trend that will keep on developing and a lot of big manufacturers will surely move to it once they figure out how to safely secure heavy pieces together. Fear not if you aren’t very skilful, you can always use furniture assembly services to make your life a bit easier.

#5. It’s Customisable

It sounds crazy. But guess what, just like custom-designed furniture, flat pack assembly is easily customisable too. Who says that you can’t tune a super-car, there plenty of heavily modified Lamborghini vehicles out there. In fact, it’s easier to remove or add parts when it comes to flat pack, because it’s module based. So unless you want to go for a specific look, a flat pack is your Holy Grail when it comes to furniture!

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