IKEA Flat Pack Best Sellers Revealed, Part 1 – Updated

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When it comes to buying home furnishings, IKEA seems the most likely place to shop, right? One in every ten pieces of furniture in the UK has come from an IKEA store. Hands down, the biggest chunk of the British furniture market belongs to the blue-and-yellow company. That’s why we have decided to get you acquainted with their best selling flat packs. In the run of three weeks, we’ll reveal our compilation of IKEA’s hottest furniture, based on top secret internal information and supplemented by continuous external observations.

PAX Wardrobe

PAX is the name of IKEA’s top-selling range of wardrobes. The name translates as “dibs”. PAX wardrobes are among the best performing products out of a total 12,000 articles featured in the company catalogue. The PAX is part of IKEA’s core range, represented in each of their stores around the world. Its variations are numerous and different door combinations add even more customisability. Additionally, the PAX wardrobe can easily be organised according to your specific taste or needs with a host of interior accessories that are sold separately. The result is a versatile wardrobe sporting a narrow frame, sliding doors (as an option) and adjustable feet to compensate for possible irregularities in the floor. This is in turn backed up by a 10-year guarantee.

The PAX Wardrobe planner lets you design your dream wardrobe.

Since most PAX wardrobes are on the big side, it is natural that people often require help with their furniture delivery and assembly. Although flat packed, a wardrobe still weighs its weight. Then, the length of the boxed contents makes everything that much more awkward. How about PAX wardrobe assembly? Mind you, it is not your average bedside table, a PAX requires two persons for assembly.

How to assemble flat pack furniture? Ah, the ultimate and omnipresent question when we deal with ready-to-assemble furniture. In this case, it is more valid than ever. The PAX range gives you all the advantages of flat-pack furniture but also throws a challenge back at you. Here’s what assembling PAX wardrobe looks like:

BILLY Bookcase

The absolute number one best-selling item in the IKEA catalogue. Billy is a typical Swedish boy name, hence the name of the product. There are countless studies and researches dedicated to BILLY. It is an IKEA legend, 35 years in the making. BILLY bookcase comes in many different shapes and sizes. There are quite a few door combination too. Needless to say, this is another example of the IKEA core range. All in all, BILLY is the quintessential flat pack furniture.

One BILLY bookcase is sold every 10 seconds. How staggering is this?! I’ll leave the maths to you.

Regardless of the size, BILLY bookcases are generally simple pieces of furniture. In fact, they owe their popularity partly to the straightforward assembly.


Another household name for the IKEA business that has its rightful place among the company’s top sellers. “Poang” stands for “point” in English. POANG chair assembly is generally easy but it really does have to be done professionally. No one fancies a chair crumbling beneath them. Rest assured though, provided the assembly is up to standard you are in good hands with the POANG range of chairs and armchairs. If it wasn’t for their quality they would’ve never become a best seller.

The stress here is on the slick design of the range. That’s the main driving force behind POANG’s commercial success.

Added on 16.05.2017

The BESTÅ Storage system.

The series have become Ikea’s best sellers because of their practical usage. The prices for this system ranges a lot. It is versatile and can be easily customised according to one’s preferences. There are different colours, sizes and shapes.

The name BESTÅ means “consist of” and is very appropriate for this kind of furnishings as the series offers sets of drawers, TV units, combinations of both. Anyone can acquire an item of the series that will fit their budget, their interior and the size of the room. BESTÅ storage is versatile and easily adaptable.

Big, small, tall, wide, with glass doors or without – Ikea’s BESTÅ storage system will adapt to your needs. Professional assemblers will find no troubles assembling and fitting it into your home.

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